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What is the advantage of a combination smoke and co detector ?


Published by admin February 21,2021

Featuring a sleek, low-profile design, the Sumring Photoelectric combination smoke and co detector helps secure your household against two potentially deadly threats. This detector reliably detects smoke from slow-burning, smoldering fires using a photoelectric sensor. It also features an electrochemical sensor, the most accurate technology available for carbon monoxide detection.
So What is the advantage of a combination smoke and co detector ?The answer is from SR-821THS . please go on reading this article..

combination smoke and co detector

here are the smoke advantages of the combination smoke and co detector. As an example with SR-821THS.
1.Photoelectric Sensor Warns of Smoldering Fires
The combination smoke and co detector comes equipped with a photoelectric sensor to provide the earliest possible warning of fire. The optical sensor is optimized to detect larger smoke particles produced by smoldering fires, such as those caused by unextinguished cigarettes. It also distinguishes between real threats and smoke and vapor produced during cooking, showering, or other everyday activities, helping minimize the number of false alarms. A  smoke entry system helps ensure reliable detection by providing a direct air pathway to the sensor.

2.Electrochemical Sensor Monitors carbon monoxide (CO) Levels
The combination smoke and co detector also features an advanced electrochemical sensor that detects carbon monoxide leaks from a variety of sources, such as faulty fuel-burning appliances, blocked chimneys, and cars left running in the garage. CO can't be seen, smelled, or tasted in the air, and it is the leading cause of accidental poisoning deaths in America. By placing CO detectors on every floor of the home and in each sleeping room, you can help protect your family from the danger of carbon monoxide leak.

3.360 degree protection, Real time led display,powered by 3 AA batteries for long time working, very easy installation. and so on.
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