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How To Release The Carbon Monoxide Alarm That Keeps Ringing ?


Published by admin March 12,2024

There may be multiple reasons for the continuous sound of the carbon monoxide alarm, which need to be addressed according to specific circumstances:

Misreporting. Check for the odor of gas leakage. If there is, it indicates that there is a gas leakage and corresponding measures need to be taken immediately.

carbon monoxide leak alarm
Alarm malfunction. You can try closing all valves, opening doors and windows for ventilation, and then check for any pipe leaks. If no air leakage is found, it may be due to a malfunction of the alarm itself. In this case, you can try replacing the battery or contacting the manufacturer for repair.

The alarm value is set too low. The alarm value should be adjusted according to the actual situation. Generally, the low alarm value of carbon monoxide is 25% of the maximum range of 500ppm, which is 125ppm.
Environmental abnormalities. The instrument should be moved to a location without carbon monoxide sources and interfering gases, and then restarted.

Instrument drift. Zero/span calibration should be carried out according to the instructions.
If the cause or problem cannot be determined or resolved, it is recommended to promptly contact professional maintenance personnel for inspection and repair.