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Expanding Knowledge | Three Aspects to Know Household Combustible Gas Detector


Published by admin October 24,2023

1.What is a household combustible gas detector?

The household combustible gas detector is a device specifically designed to detect gas leaks in households. It can detect combustible gas leaks in a timely manner, warn of potential fire risks, and protect the safety of family life and property. It detects changes in gas concentration through internal sensors and issues an alarm when the safety threshold is exceeded, reminding family members to take timely response measures. Compared with other gas detection equipment, household combustible gas alarms have the advantages of rapid response, high accuracy, and ease of use. It can timely alert family members to avoid tragedies such as fires and explosions caused by gas leaks.


2.What is the material of a household combustible gas detector?

The housing of the household combustible gas detector can be made of PC+ABS flame retardant material, which has good low-temperature resistance, glossiness, and UV resistance. The regular plastic PC-280K halogen-free flame retardant PC/ABS material is high-temperature resistant and non flammable, ensuring the normal operation of the equipment.

household combustible gas detector


3.How to choose a household combustible gas detector?

When selecting, the following factors should be considered: firstly, sensitivity and response time. High sensitivity and fast response can improve the timeliness of alarms. Next is the alarm method, which should choose sound, light, or vibration methods that are suitable for the needs of family members. We also need to consider brand reputation and certification, such as CE certification and ROHS certification, which can prove that the product meets relevant safety standards.