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Qualified combo smoke co detector for you !


Published by admin April 12,2021

I think that the combo smoke co detector must be familiar to you.Because it protects our lives and property!The combo smoke co detectorhas both a smoke alarm function and a carbon monoxide leak alarm function, it is a perfect 2 and 1 composite detector !

Working smoke and carbon monoxide alarms are essential fire safety tools to have in your home. They are the best way to prevent fire fatalities. Every home is required to have working smoke alarms and most are also required to have carbon monoxide alarms.we recommend you using the combo smoke co detectors. It is important to learn what kind you need to have and where they should be placed in your homes. 

combo smoke co detector

Protect Your Home and Family with Smoke Alarms
Have working smoke alarms on every level of your home, outside bedrooms, at the top of open stairs and at the base of cellar stairs.
Maintain smoke alarms. Test them once a month.

Protect Your Home and Family with Carbon Monoxide Alarms
The law requires carbon monoxide alarms to be installed on every level of your home, including habitable portions of basements and attics, in most residences.

Well, let the combo smoke co detectors take our double protection!click “combo smoke co detector” to get more infomation !

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