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Can a smoke detector be alarmed by heat ?


Published by admin April 12,2021

Before you want to know wheather a smoke detector be alarmed by heat,you should know what's the difference from Smoke alarm or heat alarm.

Smoke alarms detect smoke – fit them in all rooms where a fire might start. But in smoky or steamy rooms like your kitchen or bathroom, a heat alarm is more suitable. These alarms go off when the room reaches a certain temperature. If you treat the smoke detector and the heat detector separately, then a smoke detector can not be alarmed by heat !

heat smoke alarm

But, certain fire alarms are sensitive to heat and will go off if they sense a change in temperature (in fact, most fire alarms are a combination of heat smoke alarm activated). ... Think about this—during the summer, unventilated attics can reach up to 120 F or hotter, more than enough heat to set off a fire alarm ! If you use combined heat smoke alarm, then a smoke detector be alarmed by heat in some case !

About the combined heat smoke alarm,please contact us to learn more !

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